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I never wanted to hold you back...just hold your hand

We had a dance party after school today. Bridget, Sophie, Allison, and I. It was funny because Allie was all booty dancing, well atleast better than any of us, and Bridget, along with Sophie, was trying to do whatever Allie was doing. It wasn't working too well. But funny none the less.

I start my new job on Saturday. Oh the many joys of working in a new enviorment. Anyhow...nothing terribly interesting going on.

Funniest thing I heard today at school:

Miss.Hunsucker (that's her real name): "What was Mr.Parris so mad about? Was it's Abby running away?
some black kid in my English class: "Naw man...he was worried bout that trick takin' his bread!"
Miss.Hunsucker: "Yes?"
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